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Your 5.1 system is all set up, and ready to go. But all that investment into creating a high-quality, surround environment on your PC is wasted as music only ever plays from the front left and right speakers. Or, if there’s sound coming from the rear speakers, it’s exactly the same as that from the front speakers. You turn on the surround “enhancement” mode of your soundcard, but it just made your music sound more muddy with every beat.

A surround decoder such as ATSurround extracts the encoded surround information in the music and enables it to be played in full surround. Every musical nuance is distinct, the music on the CD you bought from Telarc (no affliation, we just love them!) sounds like what it says in the album sleeve, and, for the first time ever, you realize why it’s called Surround Sound.

You’ve got the headphones on so you don’t disturb your room-mate. They sound great, but the music only seems to come from within your head and you accept it as part of life that headphones simply sound that way. After some time passes, your brain tires of the sounds being squeezed through the buds (or cans) into your ear canals and you suffer from ear fatigue, ripping the headphones off your head and throwing them against the wall.

The ATSurround Headphone decoding mode allows the listening of audio sources which sound like they’re really coming from a live 5-point surround system. Music no longer sounds like it’s “inside” your head, listening fatigue is thus reduced. You feel like you could wear your second-best headphones all day, your best pair lying abandoned, smashed, against the wall.

You have an external audio decoder, but your computer can’t deliver multi-channel audio to it. Shucks, it only plays the left and right channels.

ATSurround Encoder is capable of performing surround audio encoding to stereo. This stereo output may be distributed via any 2-channel medium, such as CD-Audio, MP3, or directly to an external audio receiver which performs audio surround decoding, useful when the receiver is connected using a stereo cable.