DMX 8-ch Voltage Output Module (0 - 10 V)



The DMX-AN8-10V is an 8-channel analog voltage output module used to provide up to 8 voltage outputs from 8 DMX slots.

This is the 0 - 10 V output voltage model. A 0 - 5 V output voltage model is also available.

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Product Description

The DMX-AN8-10V is a DMX512-A compatible, 8-channel analog voltage output module. The module is capable of producing up to 8 voltage outputs from 8 DMX slots. 

The module accepts a wide voltage range from 12 - 24 VDC.

It features an optically-isolated receiver to eliminate ground loops.

An optional kit is available for mounting the module on a DIN rail.

This is the 0 - 10 V output voltage model. A 0 - 5 V output voltage model is also available.

Product Information

DimensionsL3.7" W2.875"
Supply Voltage12 - 24 VDC -5/+10%
Power Consumption (max.)6 W
Working Temperature-40 to +85 °C
Output Channels8
Analog Output Voltage0 - 10 VDC
Analog Ouput Current (max.)20 mA
DIN Rail MountableYes, with optional kit
DMX IN Isolated ReceiverYes, 1 kV isolation
DMX IN TerminationYes, built-in DIP switch selectable
DMX THRU PortYes, passive loop
DMX Start SlotSelectable, from 1 - 512 (0 - 511 on DIP switch)
DMX Update RateFull 44 updates/second
DMX Start Code HandlingResponds to NULL start code, all others ignored
DMX Data Loss HandlingMaintain last state



DMX-AN8 IIG Rev A2.pdf

DMX-AN8 Information and Installation Guide

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